The Stones symbolism is known for its permanence. Every stones holds an extensive past and connection to the universe. Some stones have been hidden in their earthly homes for millions of years. The energy that is present in these stones has been there for eons. When you focus on that energy, you can feel a deep connection the world around you and the universe around you.


For that reason, stones as symbols can be an excellent object to meditate on. They are packed with powerful energy and their energy is a sample of the energy the exists within the earth. Mediating on stone energy can be great for our personal development.


It can allow us to feel grounded. Even when we hold stones in our hands, we are instantly able to stabilize our energy. Additionally, a cool stone feels natural in our hands and it is a great reminder of our relation to the world around us.

What makes our custom gemstone rings different from the rest? No two gemstones are alike and we only feature 100% natural stones - that means no artificially treated or heated gemstones. Plus all of our stones are conflict-free.